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Gum Treatment in Summer Hill

Gum Treatment Summer HillA healthy, beautiful smile involves more than keeping your pearly whites clean. Your gum health is vital too. Gum disease can affect people of all ages and results in tooth pain, bad breath and tooth loss. Our dentists here at Summer Hill Dental Group provide gentle treatment options for gum disease that will halt its progression or even reverse it.

The Symptoms of Gum Disease

If your gums bleed, that’s one of the first indications that you have gum disease. Gums also can become swollen, inflamed, tender and painful. Those with gum disease also can have persistent bad breath and a bitter taste in the mouth after sleeping. In the later stages, the gums may pull away from the teeth, creating pockets where pus may accumulate. The teeth can become loosened or may even fall out.

The Stages of Gum Disease

There are two stages of gum disease. The first is called gingivitis. This milder form of gum disease results from plaque buildup along the gumline or between teeth. You can reverse this type of gum disease with regular hygiene visits and a good at-home routine.

Periodontitis is the second stage of gum disease is periodontitis. Unfortunately, this advanced form of gum disease can’t be reversed. However, the damage to your gums and jawbone can be stopped with meticulous attention, preventing the loss of your teeth.

Our Treatments

If you notice any signs of gum disease, it’s essential that you make an appointment straightaway. Your dentist will painstakingly examine your teeth and gums. Depending on the findings from the exam, we can then recommend the best possible treatment for your situation.

If you have gingivitis, we will provide you with a thorough scale and clean to eliminate the plaque buildup along the gumline. We’ll also go through the proper home care to prevent symptoms from returning.

Periodontitis requires a more extensive cleaning, which may take place over several appointments. If necessary, a local anaesthetic can be administered prior to the procedure beginning.


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